MSG to EML: How to Convert Outlook Email from Outlook .MSG to .EML

There are two basic formats for storing email messages.  The open messagage standard was pioneered by a document called RFC-822 which set the convention for creating and formatting email messages.   Microsoft, however, decided to trod a different path.  Outlook email messages have the file exention .msg, and are not compatible with email clients like Thunderbird that open .eml files.  Microsoft Outlook however, can itself open .eml files.

Converting Outlook .Msg emails into Eml files ensures that the emails are accessible in an open messaging standard, which makes email more suitable for long term storing or archiving.  There are also different situations where importing email requires conversion of email from .msg to .eml.

There are various tools on the market that can accomplish this. The two tools we will look at today are developed by Encryptomatic LLC.

MessageExport for Outlook

MessageExport is an Outlook add-in.  If you already are using Outlook, MessageExport will let you save emails directly from Outlook to .eml format, as well as PDF and many other formats.

MessageExport supports Outlook 2016/2013/2010 and 2007. After installation, it becomes part of the Outlook toolbar.   Using MessageExport is as simple as selecting one or more emails from the mail list, choosing “Export to EML” from the Outlook toolbar, and clicking on the “Export” button.

Outlook Msg to Eml with MessageExport
MessageExport saves Outlook email to EML files.

PstViewer Pro Eml Viewer

PstViewer Pro (formerly called EmlViewer Pro) is an email viewer that reads .eml, .msg, .pst, .ost and other popular email file formats.

To convert .Msg to .Eml with PstViewer Pro, first select the Windows folder containing the .msg files.  Next, highlight the .msg files in the mail list that you want to convert to to .eml
Finally, select “Export to Eml” from the drop down list and click “Export.”

PstViewer Pro will then convert the msg files into eml files. Because PstViewer Pro supports many other formats, you can mix and match between them to accomplish a wide range of email conversion tasks.

PstViewer Pro screen shots
Convert .Msg email to .Eml with PstViewer Pro’s conversion tools.

Try Either or Both, Free

PstViewer Pro and MessageExport both offer 15 day free trials from their product home pages.   If you own Outlook and are comfortable working from the Outlook GUI,  then MessageExport is likely the best choice for you   If you want to work independently of Outlook or if you do not own Outlook, then PstViewer Pro will get the job done for you.

Please post any questions below. We would love to hear what you think.

Free Microsoft Outlook Open PGP Add-on

Our development team has been hard at work on a new email encryption add-on for Microsoft Outlook, and today it is released to public beta.  If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007 and Windows 10/8/7, we hope you’ll use it and post your comments here.

Encyrptomatic OpenPGP is free for personal use, and a modestly priced business use license is available to help support this project.  Use Encryptomatic OpenPGP  to send strong encrypted email messages that are compatible with other Open PGP products, like Symantec PGP or Thunderbird’s Enigmail.

Open PGP email encryption add-on for Outlook, toolbars installed in Outlook menu.
Encryptomatic OpenPGP add-in installed for Outlook 2013

If you have tried other OpenPGP addons for Outlook but failed to get them to run, or found them too complex for every day use, we think you will appreciate the thought and professional work that has been put into Encryptomatic OpenPGP.

This short video shows how it works.  Join us in this open beta! We want to hear from you!