How To Convert .EML Email Files Into .PDF Files?

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An .EML files is an individual email file. It contains the email message and any file attachments that were included with the message.  Eml files was once part of a larger file, such as a Mbox, Pst or Ost file, but has been saved outside of that larger storage file.

If you find yourself with a batch of .eml files that you need to convert into .PDF files, EML Viewer Pro software by Encryptomatic LLC can help you.

Why would someone ever have .eml files? There are many situations where you may encounter them.  As a published open standard (RFC-822) .eml files are used by many different email clients, including Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and others.  If you are involved in a court case, or received a FOIA request fulfillment from a government agency, you may have received the emails in .eml format.

Converting .eml emails into common .pdf files sounds like it should be a very simple thing to do; and if you have the correct software, it is simple.

Many people encounter problems by attempting eml to pdf conversion using software that is not designed for that purpose.  For example, a free .pdf printer app might do a great job rendering the email message as a .pdf file, but may fail to convert file attachments.

Specialized functions, such as adding an email individually to an existing .pdf file, or embedding file attachments inside the pdf may not be supported. What if you need to convert thousands of .eml files to individual pdf files, and apply a specific naming structure to the files?  No free app that we’re aware of can support these complex operations.

EML Viewer Pro can!

Main screen of Eml Viewer Pro software, which can be used to convert .eml files into .pdf files.
Eml Viewer Software for MS Windows

Getting starting with .eml to .pdf file conversion


Download a free trial copy of Eml Viewer Pro software (also known as PstViewer Pro). The trial runs for 15 days. Although the registered version of the software can convert an unlimited number of emails to pdf in a single batch, while in trial mode it will only export up to 50 at a time.

When Eml Viewer Pro starts, use the folder navigation on the left side to select the folder where your .eml files reside.  Eml Viewer Pro will read in your .eml files and display them in a message list.

Image shows .eml files in an organized list in Eml Viewer Pro software for Windows.
.eml files in a list

To export a single .eml file to .pdf, follow these steps.

First, select the file(s) in the list that you want to convert to .pdf.
Next, from the Export drop down list, select the appropriate method for converting your .eml files from.

Finally, click the yellow “Export” button to start the operation.

A list of options for converting .eml files into .pdf files. Choose the correct option.
Select the eml to pdf export method

Eml Viewer Pro will go to work processing your eml files. You may be prompted to choose a destination folder.

Choosing the correct PDF export method.

As we mentioned earlier, any free pdf printer can suffice if you only wan to convert a single email into a single pdf file, especially if it does not contain file attachments.

EML Viewer Pro adds value by providing you with a wide of methods for converting .eml to .pdf.

Some of the possibilities include:

  • Exporting many email to a single pdf
  • Exporting many emails to multiple pdfs
  • Exporting an email into an existing pdf
  • Converting to pdf while extracting file attachments
  • Converting to pdf while embedding file attachments
  • Converting to pdf and attempting to convert file attachments into the pdf image
  • Applying a special name to the newly created .pdf files

Eml Viewer Pro accomplishes tasks through “Export Profiles.” These are sets of instructions that tells Eml Viewer Pro how it perform the task.  Export profiles appear from the drop down list. You can create brand new export profiles, or edit the ones that Eml Viewer Pro ships with.

Select the method for exporting eml emails into .pdf files.
Edit any export profile to customize

To edit an export profile, first select that profile from the list, and then click “Edit Profile.  This will open the profile editor. While we won’t go into great detail here, the profile editor allows you to customize many of the values and parameters to Eml Viewer Pro uses to accomplish its tasks.

The export profile editor, showing configurable settings for .eml-to-pdf export.
Edit the pdf export profile.

Download a free trial of EmlViewer Pro.

If you have any questions about exporting eml files into .pdf files, post them in the comments below, or email us at supportline at and we’ll be glad to help.

Convert .Pst to .Eml

Screen image of eml file viewer.

Converting E-Mail in Outlook .Pst files to .Eml files

Outlook .pst files are e-mail database files written in Microsoft’s propriatary format. One .pst file can contain many e-mails. .Eml files are individual e-mails formatted in an open specification (RFC-822). Because .eml files are an open format, they are ideal for e-mail archiving and long term storage.

Converting Outlook .pst to .eml can be accomplished with our EmlViewer Pro software.

EmlViewer Pro can read multiple e-mail formats, including .eml, .pst, .ost, and .msg.  It also include the capability to convert e-mail in many different ways. Today we will show step-by-step how to convert from an Outlook .pst to .eml files. We invite you to download a free trial of EmlViewer Pro and follow along.

Image shows main screen of EmlViewer Pro software with export to "eml" selected and email in the list.
EmlViewer Pro software screenshot.

When EmlViewer Pro (also known as PstViewer Pro software) loads, first select the .pst file containing the e-mail messages that you want to convert to .eml. Use the explorer navigation to locate the .pst file. You can expand the .pst file and see it’s folder structure.  To export all e-mail in the .pst file, select the the top folder.  You can also choose to select a specific folder and then export the email it contains to .eml format (or any of the other supported formats).

Screen shot of EmlViewer Pro's navigation; choose the .pst file you want to convert into .eml e-mails.
Select the .pst file with the e-mail you want to convert to .eml

When a .pst file is selected, the messages will be read into a list. Click on the list and type “Control-A” to select all of the e-mails in the list.

Next, from the Export Tab, choose “EML” as the desired conversion format.

Screen image showing how to choose "Eml" as the email conversion format.
Select “EML” as the email export format.

EmlViewer Pro will now begin exporting the e-mail messages you selected in your .pst file into .eml files. The resulting .eml files will be saved to a Windows folder that you specify.

This process works on individual selected e-mail messages, or you can select hundreds or even thousands of files.

If you have any questions about converting email from .pst to .eml format, please post them in the comments below, or contact us through the chat service on this website.