How to Convert E-Mail from EML to XML

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XML files store data in the form of hierarchical elements. XML files can be read by computer and the information easily integrated into a computer application or database. If you’re reading this, you arrived here for a reason and we scarcely need to tell what an XML file is, so let’s get right into the “How.”

MailDex by Encryptomatic LLC is a Windows application that makes it easy to convert eml formatted emails into machine readable xml files. MailDex can convert a single email to XML, or even a folder with thousands of email messages.

The first step is to install the MailDex free trial, then create a “Project” to contain your .eml or other emails. You can have as many projects as necessary, and you can put as many emails into a project as you want. MailDex supports many different email file formats, including Outlook PST, OST, MSG, and also MBOX, EML, EMLX and MHTML files.

The next step, following the indexing of your emails, is to search to create a set of emails that you want to export to XML format. Exporting to XML is as easy as choosing “XML” from the “Export” tab drop down list.

Exporting EML emails to XML files.

Click the “Export” button and MailDex begins the process of converting emails into XML documents. Within minutes, you’ll have a folder containing your XML files, and you can do with them what you please.

For more information, visit the MailDex home page on the publisher’s website, and try it free for 15 days. You can also contact the Encryptomatic LLC support team with any questions you have.

MailDex is also available through the Microsoft Windows App Store.

Converting .EML to .HTML Files

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A .eml file is an email message that has been saved as an individual file. Often email messages exist as a store containing hundreds or thousand of emails. This is the case with .pst, .ost, and .mbox email files, each of which contain many emails. The .Eml format was created to make it easy to exchange individual email files.

For archiving or exchange purposes, it may be convenient to convert .eml files into the widely accessible .html format. Converting .eml to .html allows anyone with a web browser to open and view an email message, and is a good way to ‘future proof’ access to emails.

PstViewer Pro (also known as EmlViewer Pro) is a Windows software tool that not only lets you view, organize, convert and print .eml files, but also lets you bulk convert .eml to .html files.

PstViewer Pro converts .eml emails into .html documents.

Converting .eml to .html with PstViewer Pro can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Load the .eml files into PstViewer Pro software.
  2. Choose “Export to HTML” from the “Export” tab
  3. Click the “Export” button

PstViewer Pro will convert the selected .eml files to .html files. Html files are saved in a folder that contains all of the image and other files needed to reassemble the email as a .html document.

Should you wish to have the email exported to a single file that is also compatible with web browsers, then choose the .MHT file export option. Mht files are single files that contain all of the images and html code, and are easier to manage for that reason.

PstViewer Pro is the popular email viewer created nearly 15 years ago by Encryptomatic LLC. The software has been actively updated and supported during this entire time.

A 15 day free trial is available for you to try, with no obligation, registration or credit card required. If you find that PstViewer Pro does a great job converting .eml to .html files, then please purchase it for $79.99.

Feel free to contact Encryptomatic LLC support with any questions that you have during your trial period, or call 1-701-566-6731 for assistance during U.S. business hours.