Open .EML Files with EML Viewer Lite

Screen shot of msg-to-eml conversion software.

  Eml Viewer Lite for .eml File Management

Image is a download button. Click to download software.
Main menu of .eml viewer lite
EmlViewer Pro email viewer.

EML Viewer Lite is a Windows email viewer that opens .eml, .msg, .pst, .msg and .mht files.

You can use EML Viewer Lite (which is also marketed as Pst Viewer Lite) to open an individual .eml file, or a directory filled with thousands of .eml files.

EML Viewer Lite will render your .eml email files in full HTML format, or as text.

Email file attachments are accessible through EML Viewer Lite. Open file attachments by clicking on them, drag and drop them to your desktop, or right lick on them and save them to to your hard drive.

If you click on an .eml file in the email list, it will render in the viewing pane. Double click on the email in the list to open it in a full screen view.

Individual .EML files may be printed or converted to other formats such as PDF, Outlook .msg, .mht, .jpg, .gif, .tif, and others.

EmlViewer Lite functions in toolbar.
.EML Viewer Lite Toolbar

The EML Viewer Lite toolbar puts several important functions within convenient reach.  Click the folder icon to select the location of your .eml or .msg files.

A print function let you print a copy of any .eml file with a single click.

Reply, Reply All, and Forward functions let you answer email messages using your existing email client software.

The spyglass icon provides a powerful search function so that you can search through directories of .eml files, filtering the results by advanced search criteria.

Searching .eml files with the search window.
Search .eml files

EML Viewer Lite’s Menus

Eml Viewer Lite menus.
File Menu Options

The File menu’s Settings option lets users select different language menus, including English, Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, and Arabic.

The Associations option allows users to associate Eml Viewer Lite with different file types, such as .eml, .mht, .mhtml, .msg, .pst, and .ost. It’s very simple to change your Windows file settings at any time by just checking the appropriate boxes.

How to set email file associations in MS Windows.
Email file associations.

Display .eml files in plain text body.Moving on to EML Viewer Lite’s View menu, there are several useful options that control how the software functions. Selecting  “Use plain text body” will put EML Viewer Pro into text mode. All emails will only be shown as text, rather than html.

Other functions can be used to turn parts of the software on or off. For example, you can remove the explorer tree or favorites tree windows from the user interface of Eml Viewer Lite.

Checking for Eml Viewer software updates.
Check for Updates

The Help menu provides access to EML Viewer Lite’s Help file.

Start Logging will force the logging function on, creating a text log file. This function allows our support team to understand any issues that you experience.

Check for updates will check our server to see if a newer version of EML Viewer Lite is available for you to download.

Update Settings allows you to configure an automatic update check.

Selecting “About”  will reveal the exact version number and build of your EML Viewer Lite software.

Advanced .EML Viewer Properties

EML Viewer Lite has functions for advanced users.
System administrators can silently install EML Viewer Lite to all users, providing serial key registration on the command line.

With .EML Viewer Lite, you can view the message transport header of email that has been sent over the internet. This is often very useful when it is necessary to determine the validity or originator of a .eml file.

Email transport header displayed as text in a viewing window.
View the message transport header of a .eml file

For Outlook .msg files, you can view a complete list of MAPI properties with EML Viewer Lite.

The values of MAPI property fields are displayed for an Outlook .msg file.
View MAPI Properties of an .msg file

Installing EML Viewer Lite.

Installing EML Viewer Lite is a very straightfoward experience. We will walk you through the installation process during the remainder of this article.

First, download a free trial of EML Viewer Lite (also marketed as Pst Viewer Lite).  Open the .zip file, and then click on the .exe file to begin the installer.

Image shows "Welcome to the EmlViewer Lite Setup Wizard."
Welcome to the installation Wizard
EmlViewer Lite EULA license agreement. Accept and continue with installation.
Eml Viewer Lite EULA
The installation process begins for EmlViewer Lite. A progress bar is displayed on screen.
Installation Process Begins
Installation of Eml Viewer Lite is completed.
Eml Viewer Lite Installation Completes

Enterprise deployment of Eml Viewer Lite

Eml Viewer Lite installation files support all msiexec command-line options. For importing profiles via command line, please see the Profile deployment topic in the .Eml viewer lite Help file.

msiexec /Option <Required Parameter> [Optional Parameter]

Install Options

</package | /i> <Product.msi>

Installs or configures a product

/a <Product.msi>

Administrative install – Installs a product on the network

/j<u|m> <Product.msi> [/t <Transform List>] [/g <Language ID>]
</uninstall | /x> <Product.msi | ProductCode>

Quiet mode, no user interaction


Unattended mode – progress bar only

/uninstall <PatchCodeGuid>[;Update2.msp] /package <Product.msi | ProductCode>

Download .EML Viewer Lite. Try it Free 15 for Days

A Simple .EML File Viewer

Screen image of Message Viewer Lite menus.

MessageViewer Lite is a simple .eml viewer with excellent email rendering abilities. MessageViewer Lite is capable of opening .eml files, Outlook .msg files and winmail.dat files.

Download a free trial of MessageViewer Lite .eml file viewer.

First, a bit of background.

Outlook Express (OE) is an email client that Microsoft distributed with its popular Microsoft Windows XP operating system. With XP still commanding about 40% of the desktop operating system market, Outlook Express remains an important email client for millions of people

Saving individual emails from Outlook Express produces a file with the .EML extension. .EML files are an open email format specified in RFC-822 and RFC-2822.  In a single file, they can contain the email message (text and html formatting), the message header,  message path information, time/date information, file attachments, and other bits and bobs of information.

When someone wants to share an email message and its attachments from OE they may save it as a .eml file and then attach it to another email message.  Sometimes, .eml files are attached to a customer record in customer relationship software to remain part of the contact history. If an email client capable of opening .eml  files is not present on the computer when someone tries to open the .eml file, then the user may see an error message.  Being unable to open a .eml file at the moment its needed can be frustrating and unproductive.

A .eml file viewer can make it easy to open .eml files, even if Outlook Express or another capable email client is not installed on the computer.  EML file viewers can be very light, with a small software footprint, unlike a full email client package. 

A closer look at MessageViewer Lite


Installing and using the MessageViewer Lite .EML Viewer

MessageViewer Lite can be set as a the Windows system default software for handling .eml and .msg files, allowing the user to open email files simply by clicking on them.  MesageViewer Lite allows you to have multiple windows open at once, a nice convenience if you need to capture bits of information from several emails.
MessageViewer Lite was designed to be simple to use, and therefor has few advanced features. With MessageViewer Lite, you can copy the text of an email, print the message, or save it as a text file.  Files attached to the email can be saved to disk simply by dragging the file out of the email and dropping it to your desktop.
 MessageViewer Lite is available for installation from an .MSI file, which is good news for system administrators who want to do a silient installation. A 15 day trial  can be downloaded free of charge from the MessageViewer Lite website. This is an overview of the installation process. When you start MessageViewer Lite Setup, a welcome screen starts to begin guiding you through the installation process.
Notice that as you install MessageViewer Lite, there is no advertising or special offers, or attempts to install software on your computer other than MessageViewer Lite. This is an advantage of using a commercial .eml viewer like MessageViewer Lite; they have no financial incentive to install unwanted ads or tracking software on your computer. Their only goal is to provide you with a good experience so that you’ll pay a few dollars and buy the software.
MessageViewer Lite .eml viewer setup wizard.
MessageViewer Lite installation welcome screen

Click next to continue

MessageViewer Lite email viewer is ready to install.
Ready to install.

MessageViewer Lite will quickly assess your computer and if everything is ok, it offers to continue the installation. The next step would be the acceptance of the End-User License Agreement, a standard requirement these days. Click “I accept” and then “Continue” to start the process.

End user license agreement.
MessageViewer Lite EULA.

The Installation Process begins. A status bar shows you the progress as MessageViewer Lite installs.

Installation process: "Installing MessageViewer Lite" email viewer.
Installing MessageViewer Lite.

When the installation process concludes, MessageViewer Lite will open with a welcome message.

Email viewer welcome message on startup.
Welcome Message.

Let’s take a look at the options in the  File menu drop down list.
Open lets you select and open an email file.
Close will close out MessageViewer Lite.
Print will allow you to print the email message.
Check file associations will allow you to reset MessageViewer Lite as .msg, or .eml Windows default.

The MessageViewer Lite File Menu. Options are Open, Close, Print, Check file associations or Exit.
File Menu.

The “View” drop down list has only one option. It allows you to toggle between Text and HTML/Rich Text email viewing. If you want MessageViewer Lite to always open emails in Texxt mode, the select this option. Below is a before/after snippet showing MessageViewer Lite in HTML mode, and the next image shows it in Text mode.

Show .eml files in html or plain text. Select your preferences.
MessageViewer Lite in HTML/Rich Text viewing mode


Plain text viewing mode for .eml files.
MessageViewer Lite in Plain text viewing mode

Let’s look at MessageViewer Lite’s Help drop down menu next.

Help drop down menu for MessageViewer Lite.
Help Drop Down Menu.

About – This will provide the version number of your software. It’s always helpful to know this if you ever need to contact the support team for help viewing .eml files.

Buy Now! – If you haven’t purchased a license for MessageViewer Lite, selecting this option will take you directly to the product purchase page.

Registration – Enter your product activation code here after purchasing.

Start Logging – This is included as a support function. If you should even run into any difficult, you can create a Log File that you can share with the support team. The log file will help them understand the issue.

Check update now – See if there is a newer version of MessageViewer Lite available.

Configure Update – Tells MessageViewer Lite how often to check for software updates.

Registering MessageViewer Lite

To register MessageViewer Lite, first obtain a product activation code. Next, go to Help>Registration and enter the code, then click Activate.
Registration screen to activate MessageViewer Lite email viewer.
Software activation screen.

After MessageViewer Lite is activated, you will see an option here to “Release License.” This allows you to uninstall the software, and then move it to a different computer, a helpful feature that allows you to keep using MessageViewer Lite even if you upgrade to a different computer.

MessageViewer Lite EML Viewer

MessageViewer Lite is a very easy to use and capable email viewer for .EML and Outlook .MSG files. We hope you have found this overview of the product to be useful.  Download a free trial of MessageViewer Lite and try it out yourself!

If you are looking for a fully featured .eml viewer/extractor/converter with search capabilities, then look at PstViewer Pro.