PDF Postman – PDF email encryption add-in for Microsoft Outlook, Demo Released

Encryptomatic LLC today announced a new demonstration of the PDF Postman email encryption add-in for Microsoft Outlook. PDF Postman makes it easy to send secure email messages and file attachments using AES-256 bit encryption.  For a full explanation of this recipient-friendly tool for communicating securely through email, watch the following video. Click here for more information about PDF Postman.

MessageViewer Lite 4.5 Is Released

Screen image of Message Viewer Lite menus.

MessageViewer Lite is an easy to use email viewer for .eml, .msg and .mht files. Designed to be a very simple way for non-technical users to click on an email and have it open, MessageViewer Lite has found favor with busy system administrators.  If you just want to click on an .eml and .msg file and have it accurately rendered each time, then MessageViewer Lite is for you.

MessageViewer Lite provides access to email file attachments, supports printing, is switchable between viewing in html or text. MessageViewer Lite is well known for its ability to display even the most complex Outlook email messages, such as those with embedded OLE objects, smartart, and embedded images. Hundreds of non-standard formatting exceptions have been culled from the wild and incorporated directly into MessageViewer Lite, making it probably the most accurate email rendering tools ever.

On the outside, MessageViewer Lite retains its clean and simple look in version 4.5, but under the hood are several important enhancements in the software’s email parsing engine and enhanced stability, making this a maintenance release recommended for all customers.

Image shows main screen of MessageViewer Lite .eml .msg file viewer
MessageViewer Lite .eml viewer, main screen.

Close up of MessageViewer Lite file menu.
File Menu

Below are some of the enhancements you’ll find in version 4.5.

– Fixed installer command line switch PIDKEY on Terminal Server
– Fixed printing in Plain Text mode on Windows 8
– Reduced installer size
– Assigning a default name for unnamed attachments
– Improved transport header parsing for EML files
– Fixed issue on Win8 64-bit that could cause app to lock
– MIME 1.0 parser enhanced according to RFC 2047: The 8-bit hexadecimal value 20 (e.g., ISO-8859-1 SPACE) may be represented as “_” (underscore, ASCII 95.)
– Fixed issue with displaying of MHT files
– EML parser: support for multiline attachment filenames
– EML parser: improved non-standard “Date” decoding
– EML parser: improved non-standard recipients list decoding
– Following user initiated links in messages
– Fixed: application hangs on opening a specific EML message

How to install MessageViewer Lite

Download a free trial of MessageViewer Lite 4.5 from the product’s home page. Click on the zip file to reveal the contents inside. You will see the files in the package listed as below.   Click on “MsgViewer Lite.exe” to start the software. You will then see a message from Windows stating that this software has been signed by the publisher, Encryptomatic LLC. If you do not see this notice from Windows, do not install the software, and contact the publisher for more information.

MessageViewer Lite Installation Files For Windows OS.
MessageViewer Lite installation package files

Running MsgViewerLite.exe will start the installer. A special note for System administrators: a .msg version of the installer is available, and you are invited to contact Encryptomatic LLC support to receive it.

Follow the prompts to complete the installation. It should only take a few minutes for everything to complete. The images below show the steps that will appear as the installer package runs.

MessageViewer Lite .eml viewer installer screen 1
MessageViewer Lite Installer


MessageViewer Lite .eml viewer licence agreement
MessageViewer Lite EULA
Select the folder where the .eml viewer should be installed on your Windows computer.
Select folder to install MessageViewer Lite
Install MessageViewer Lite .eml .msg file viewer.
Ready to Install MessageViewer Lite


Image shows .eml viewer installation process underway.
Installing MessageViewer Lite


Installation Completed Successfully.


Command line parameters

MessageViewer Lite also has some limited options for opening and printing .eml files from the command line. It’s also possible to set update policy with a command line switch.

Opening .eml an d.msg messages from the commandline

MessageViewer.exe <filename>

MessageViewer.exe “c:my emailstest.msg”
MessageViewer.exe “c:my emailstest.msg” -t

Printing .eml or .msg emails from Windows commandline

/PRINT <filename> (or -p <filename>) – allows to print specified message to default printer.

MessageViewer.exe “c:my emailstest.msg” -p
MessageViewer.exe “c:my emailstest.msg” /PRINT
MessageViewer.exe “c:my emailstest.msg” /PRINT /TEXT

Working with Plain text or Formatted text.

/TEXT <filename> (or -t <filename>) – allows to work with plain text format for specified message;
/FORMATTED <filename> (or -f <filename>) – allows to work with formatted text for specified message. This option is set by default.

MessageViewer.exe “c:my emailstest.msg” -p -t
MessageViewer.exe “c:my emailstest.msg” -p -f
MessageViewer.exe “c:my emailstest.msg” /PRINT /TEXT
MessageViewer.exe “c:my emailstest.msg” /PRINT /FORMATTED

Updating and update settings.

UPDATE_POLICY=”Never” | “Ask” | “Auto”

Troubleshooting and logging.

MessageViewer.exe -log
MsgViewerLite.exe – log MVLiteLOG.txt

Options for update policy:
· Never – Set ‘Do not check for updates automatically’ options in ‘Updates Options’ dialog;
· Ask – Set ‘Check and prompt me to download and install the updates’ options in ‘Updates Options’ dialog. This option is set by default;
· Auto – Set ‘Check and automatically download and install’ options in ‘Updates Options’ dialog..

msiexec /i MsgViewerLite-x.x.x.xxxx.msi UPDATE_POLICY=”Never”

Thanks for reading. If you have any difficult installing MessageViewer Lite, contact the support team for help.