Our Guarantee

Buy Encryptomatic LLC’s Products With Confidence

Our products are a great fit for 99.9% of our customers, but if you find yourself in that rare .1%, just contact us within 30 days and we will refund the entire amount. Life is too short for unhappy customers or software that’s not a great fit. We have a A+ rating with the BBB, and we want to keep it.

If you have experienced a problem, we would really appeciate the opportunity to try to help you so we can learn from your experience. If you’ll do us the favor of discussing the source of your disappointment, we will vigorously attempt to resolve the issue for you. And you can still get a refund if we can’t fix it (or if you just want a refund anyway). Contact our support team for assistance.

Prior to purchasing, we encourage all customers to take advantage of the free trial period offered on all of our products.
*What isn’t included in this guarantee?

Darn near everything is included. But here are a few exceptions that are beyond our control. We want to be upfront about them.

If you have placed your order through a reseller, we may need to refer you back to the reseller so that you can make your refund request through them. We may not be able to initiate the refund on our own.

Some resellers may have a shorter return policy than ours, and their return policy may prevail. In no case can a reseller’s return policy exceed ours in terms of length.
Certain items on your order form may not be refundable, such as CD backups or third-party professional services.

If you purchased your product through the TrialPay service you are subject to the terms and conditions set forth by TrialPay.
If you purchased your product as part of a bundle of other products, it may not be possible for us to provide a refund where a specific amount is not charged for our products.
We cannot provide refunds on pre-paid subscriptions or services.
Professional services rendered by Encryptomatic LLC are performed on a contractual basis are non-refundable.

Product maintenance services that have alredy been consumed, include upgrade and support contracts or renewals, are non-refundable.
Please be patient. If you bought your software today and need a refund, our credit card processor does not allow us to make a refund until the first transaction has settled. In other words, we are prohibited from sending your money back until we have received it. It might take two or three days, but don’t worry… your refund is coming soon.