EML to PDF Conversion: How to Export Multiple .EML Files to a Single PDF Document

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EML Viewer Pro is a viewer/reader for managing email messages formatted as .eml files.  .EML files are created by Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird and other email browsing software.

An .eml file is a self-contained document that holds all the email content, including file attachments.

While most email clients can open .eml files individually, EML Viewer Pro can read a directory and sub-directories filled with thousands of  .eml files, allowing you to browse and search messages, access file attachments, reply and forward to .eml files using your email client, and even export .eml files to PDF and other popular formats.

The PDF format is a very popular format for storing and archiving email messages.  EML Viewer Pro provides exceptional support for EML to PDF conversion. In the latest release of EML Viewer Pro (also known as Pst Viewer Pro), the PDF export functions have been brought forward to the main tool bar to save on clicks.

EML Viewer Pro gives you several options while exporting .eml files to .pdf .

1. You can export the email message to an individual pdf file while extracting the file attachment to a folder on your hard drive.

2. You can export the .eml file to pdf while converting most document file attachments into the PDF image.

3. You can export EML to PDF with file attachments embedded. This means that a file, such as an Excel spreadsheet, remains inside the PDF as a separate file that can be extracted from the PDF and edited later.

A new feature in EML Viewer Pro is the “Add to PDF file” button. It allows you to save one or more selected eml files to an existing PDF file.  This feature was added after a customer explained that she needed to create a PDF file for a court hearing  that required her to assemble all emails into a single PDF.   With the “Add to PDF file” function, she can now export emails individually to a single PDF file, without the need to use special software to combine individual .pdfs.

Here’s how to use “Add to PDF file”:

First, select the emails you want to export in EML Viewer Pro’s mail list.
Second, click the “Add to PDF file” button on the main tool bar.

Location of the "Add to PDF File" button in EmlViewer Pro email viewer software.
The Add To PDF Button in EML Viewer Pro. Add .EML Files to a .PDF file

Next, select the target PDF file.

Convert .eml files to a pdf. Select the target PDF
Select the PDF file to add the converted .EML files

That’s all there is to it.  EML Viewer Pro simplifies the process of converting .eml files into .pdf.

Another nice feature of EML Viewer Pro is the control it gives you over the file names. For example, if you are mass exporting thousands of .eml files to individual .pdf files, you can specify how those files are named. You may want to name the files after the sender or the recipient. Or you perhaps you want to give a series number to the resulting .pdf files, such as “CASE 123 – xxxx” where “xxxx” are incremented numbers. You can also increment letters.

There’s so much more that EML Viewer Pro can do. To learn more, download a free trial of EML Viewer Pro.

How to convert .EML files to .PDF

EML Viewer Pro is an file viewer for managing email messages stored as .eml files (RFC-822 format). It also opens Outlook .pst and .msg files. One of EML Viewer’s useful features is it’s ability to convert .eml files into .PDF files.  This short tutorial covers the process, step by step, of how to convert email to .PDF using EML Viewer Pro.

The first step is to acquire a free trial of EML Viewer Pro (which is also marketed as Pst Viewer Pro) and then start the application.

Next, using the folder tree on the left of the main software screen, find the folder where your .eml files are located. Once you select this folder, EML Viewer Pro will read in all of your .eml files and present them in the mail list.

Search your files to locate just the .eml files that you need. Here’s an article we wrote earlier that explains how to use EML Viewer Pro’s email search function.

When the email messages that you want to convert to .PDF files are displayed in the mail list, click on one of the messages,  then type CONTROL-A on your computer to select ALL messages. Now, all email messages you want to export to .pdf will all be highlighted in blue.

Select emails to convert to .pdf from the .eml mail list.
Selected email messages are highlighted in EML Viewer Pro’s Mail List window.

Now that the messages are selected, locate the Export Icon in the main toolbar and click on it.

Location of the Email Export button.
Email Export icon in the main toolbar

Clicking on the Email Export Icon will open the Export Manager screen.

Using the drop down box in the Export Manager, select the appropriate export profile. For our purposes, we will choose “PDF-attachments converted/included.”

Location of the "PDF Attachments - converted" email export profile.
Email Export Manager. Select the Export Profile you want.
The “PDF – Attachments converted/included” export profile will attempt to convert the email files as part of the .PDF image. If EML Viewer Pro is not able to convert any email file attachments to PDF, then the file attachment will be embedded as a separate file within the PDF. Click “START” to begin the process.


File tree selection of export folder.
Select a folder where EML Viewer Pro will copy PDF files it creates.

EML Viewer Pro will ask you where you want it to place the PDF files it is creating.   Just select a target folder and click OK, and the export operation will proceed.

When the operation is finished,  the .pdf files will be in the target folder you selected earlier. Below is an image of a .pdf file that EML Viewer Pro created, as it is displayed in Adobe PDF Reader. The top of the PDF file includes the From, Sent, Date, To  and Subject fields from the .eml file, followed by the email body in either HTML or Text format.

A PDF file containing the output of the converted .eml html email messages.
A .PDF file created from a html-formatted .EML file by EML Viewer Pro

In our next article, we will look at configuring EML Viewer Pro’s PDF Export profile so that you can have more control over the formatting  of the PDF’s that it creates. For example, you may want to export to European standard page formats. Until then, download and enjoy your free trial of EMLViewer Pro.

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