Installing EmlViewer Pro Email Viewer on Windows 10

.Eml Email files represented as envelopes.

To make certain that EmlViewer Pro (also known as PstViewer Pro) is the best fit for your email conversion project, we encourage you to download a free 15 day trial. There’s no obligation, and no personal information is required.

Installing EmlViewer Pro is as easy as downloading the developer-signed installation package and running it.

This video shows the entire process of installing EmlViewer Pro on Windows 10, and then starting the software.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to our support team!

Installing PstViewer Pro email viewer

Running the EmlViewer Pro Software Installer on Windows 10.

Using Eml Viewer Pro on multiple computers with a single license

This question comes up from time to time: “I have 1 license of PstViewer Pro (or EmlViewer Pro). How can I use it on two or more computers?

Back in the ‘olden’ days, our license would require you to uninstall the software on computer A, and then re-install it on computer B. But that wasn’t convenient for many users, especially those who wanted to use EmlViewer Pro on their work computer, and then use it on their home computer on the weekends.

We want you to get the most of our your software purchase. EmlViewer Pro so we included a “Release License” function. Now you can “Release” the license on computer A at the click of a button, and then apply the license to computer B, at the click of a button. You will only need to type the license in once on each computer, and there is no need to uninstall the software.

To do this, go to EmlViewer Pro > Help > Registration.
Click “Release License.”
The license is now free on our key server and may be applied to another copy of EmlViewer Pro.

Screen shot of the license release button in Eml Viewer Pro.
Release and re-use your EmlViewer Pro license key.

To apply the license to the same computer, go back to EmlViewer Pro >Help > Registration.
Click “Enter” to apply the license code, which will remain in the registration code box, unless you remove it.

We hope this trick helps you get the most out of EmlViewer Pro.