EML to JPG: How To Bulk Convert .EML Into .JPG Files

Software screenshot.

People need to do all kinds of different things with email. In this article, we are continuing our series on converting .EML email files into different formats.  Today’s target format is the venerable .JPG or .JPEG file, which has existed in one form or another since 1987.

JPG is the most widely used format on the internet for encoding pictures. JPG image files are widely accessible and may be displayed on virtually any computer, tablet or smart phone. Because they are so accessible, JPG format is handy for a variety of reasons, including archiving image files for long term storage.

Eml Viewer Pro (also known as Pst Viewer Pro) is a multi-format email viewing tool that has strong export abilities.  One of the little known features of EML Viewer Pro is its ability to bulk convert email (both .msg and .eml files) into JPG files.

The image file below shows the entire process. Download a free 15 day trial of Eml Viewer Pro for your Windows computer and follow along.

Download Eml Viewer for email.

Animated image shows user selecting JPG export profile in EmlViewer Pro software s
Converting .eml files to .jpg format

The first step is to use the file explorer on the left side of the Eml Viewer Pro window to navigate to the location where your files are stored.They will be read into Eml Viewer Pro and displayed in an organized mail list. Your list may contain one, hundreds, or even thousands of .eml files.

Select the email(s) from the list that you want to export to JPG format. To select all of the emails in your list, type Ctrol-A on your key board. To select only one, just click on it. You can select a range of emails by holding down the shift key.

The next step is to locate the drop down list on the Eml Viewer Pro main menu. Choose the JPG export profile. This simply indicates to Eml Viewer Pro that the target format for it’s next export operation will be JPG.

Lastly, click the Export button. You may be asked to select the folder where Eml Viewer Pro will save the JPG files.  Select a folder and continue. The export operation will continue until the .eml files you selected have been converted into .jpg format.

This is an image of an image that has been converted into a .jpg file by Eml Viewer Pro.
An email converted into .jpg format

The image shown above is an actual html email file that has been converted into a jpg image. The border was not part of the original email, which was actually very long and so we cropped it so that it would fit in this article. The actual dimensions of the resulting jpg image will depend upon the length of the message within the email file.

EML Viewer Pro will append the header information to the top of the jpg file, including From, Sender, To, and Subject line. The email message will follow. The message will be rendered as a html or rich text document first, or a text file.

Currently, file attachments are not converted to jpg format, and are ignored during the processing. If you need to convert emails into a format that supports converting file attachments, we recommend this article about how to use Eml Viewer Pro to convert your .eml files into pdf.

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View and Search A Folder With Thousands of .EML Files with EmlViewer Pro

Software screenshot.

It is not uncommon to encounter .EML email files on the internet. .Eml files are individual email messages. Email client applications like Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Outlook Express and Lotus Notes will create  .eml files while exporting an email message from the main mail store.    If you’re the kind of person who prefers to keep a complete history of important email messages, you may find that you’ve accumulated hundreds or thousands of .Eml files.

A desktop icon shaped like an envelope with EML written on it.
While .eml files are easy to open individually, managing thousands or tens of thousands of them at a time can present some challenges. Despite their commonality, few email applications import them directly, and fewer if any can manage a folder filled with .eml files.

Eml Viewer Pro is a Windows email file viewer that is specially designed for .eml files and other email formats including .msg, winmail.dat, and even Outlook .pst and .ost files.  With Eml Viewer Pro, you can view and search a directory of .eml files. You can even mix email content, such as .msg and .eml emails, and view them together in the same list.

Image shows an html email rendered in EmlViewer Pro email viewer software for MS Windows.
Eml Viewer Pro main screen

To use Eml Viewer Pro, first download and install the software on your Windows 8/7/Vista or XP computer.  Using the explorer on the left-hand side of the screen, click on the folder containing your .eml or .msg email files.  When it detects email files in the selected folder, Eml Viewer Pro will organize the messages in the mail list.  Messages may be column sorted by sender, recipient, date, file type and more.  You also add additional email fields, rearrange or remove fields from the list, depending on your needs.

Image shows how to customize the Eml Viewer Pro mail list.
Customize the email list fields

Now that your .eml files are in the mail list, you can search them. There are two ways to search a folder with .eml files: Quick Search and Advanced Search.

Quick search location in the Eml Viewer Pro toolbar
Eml Viewer Pro Quick Search

Quick search is a field along the top of the software. Type your query, hit enter, and all of the .eml files will be searched for a match across all of the fields.  Messages that match the search are shown in the mail list.

Search a .eml mail store for specific emails with Advanced Search.
Advanced search for locating .eml files

Advanced search gives you more control over the search parameters. For example, you can restrict your search to emails that were sent or received between certain dates, or search only specific fields.
Any messages matching the search will be displayed in the mail list.

A very useful feature for people who work with email in the legal field is the ability of Eml Viewer Pro to export .eml files to .pdf.   Eml Viewer Pro can bulk convert your .eml emails to PDF in a variety of ways and provides important options for handling file attachments.  Eml file attachments may be extracted to a folder, embedded within the pdf, and many common files can even be converted directly into the PDF image.  The PDF/A email archiving standard is also supported.

Download a free trial of Eml Viewer Pro, and start enjoying the convenience of managing your .eml emails in style.