Eml Reader: Using Eml Viewer Pro .eml File Viewer

Screen image of eml file viewer.

Files with the .eml extension are individual email files created by a Windows email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook Express. .Eml files are formatted according to a published standard known as RFC-822.  Opening these files is as easy as  installing email client software; this will allow you to open them individually by clicking on the files.

If you have thousands of .eml files, and you want to search them, or convert them to a different format (.pdf, .mbox, etc), then a more powerful and specialized software application like EML Viewer Pro (also known as PstViewer Pro) can be a big help to your project.

Image shows the main page of Eml Viewer Pro software, with emails in a list.
Eml Viewer Pro opens .eml files

Eml Viewer Capabilities

Eml Viewer Pro provides quick view or full screen viewing capabilities.  Paging through the emails in the mail list will preview the message.  You will be able to view the .eml files in their full html or text formatting.  Hosted graphics are downloaded and displayed in the message.  Double clicking on an email in the list will open it in full screen view for easy reading. You can have multiple emails open in full screen view.

Email Search

Eml Viewer Pro can search all of the messages in your list. You may have dozens or thousands of .eml files, and Eml Viewer Pro will search across them all for your criteria.

Image shows the advanced search screen in Eml Viewer Pro software.
Searching .eml files

You can set a date range for the search, or search across common email fields such as To, From, CC, or find specific words or phrases in the text of the email.

The results are displayed in the mail list, so that you can export them or otherwise manage them according your project requirements.

Exporting .EML Files

Dozens of export profiles are included in Eml Viewer Pro. These profiles are instruction sets that help you accomplish specific tasks, such as exporting your selected .eml fiels into pdf format.  Many different formats are included, such as HTML, MHT, Text, MBOX, PNG, TIF, GIF, PDF, etc.

To export messages, first select the .eml files you want to convert from EML Viewer Pro’s mail list.  Next, choose the export profile from the drop down list (see below).  To convert to PNG image format, for example, select PNG from the drop down list.

Start the export process by clicking the “Start button” (see the pointer in the image below).

Image shows Eml Viewer Pro export profile menu, with PNG export profile selected.
Eml Viewer Pro export profile drop down list


.EML to PDF Conversion

PDF is a highly popular format for preserving email messages.  Because of this, the software developers have given  Eml Viewer Pro special functionality for eml to pdf export.

Eml Viewer Pro can select export .eml files into the PDF/A email archival standard, which embeds the html fonts directly into the PDF file for accurate rendering, preserving the original look of the email.

.Eml files can be converted into separate pdf files, or you can export multiple .eml files into a single large pdf file.

File attachments are always an important consideration when exporting email to pdf.  Eml Viewer Pro has the ability to extract file attachments and save them to a folder on your hard drive, or you can embed the file attachments within the PDF file so they can be extracted later.  You can also tell Eml Viewer Pro to attempt to convert the attachment into an image so it is visible inside of the PDF. If the attachment is not convertible, then it will be converted.

Download an Eml Reader Free Trial

You can try Eml Viewer Pro free for 15 days. Download a free trial, and see how Eml Viewer Pro can help you manage your .eml email content.



Open EML Files with EML Viewer Pro

Screen shot showing location of MailDex 'create project' button.

EML Viewer Pro is an advanced reader for EML email files.  EML files are created by email clients, such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail.

EML Viewer Free Download
15 Day EML Viewer Pro Free Trial. Requires Microsoft Windows  7/8/10/Server
EML Viewer Pro main screen
EML Viewer Pro main screen

With EML Viewer Pro, you can search through directories and sub-directories filled with EML files, and manage those files in important ways:

  • Export EML files to PDF,
    • with file attachments extracted to disk
    • with file attachments embedded as files
    • with most file attachments converted to the image
  • Export EML files to MBOX
  • Export EML files to GIF, TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG
  • Export EML files to CSV (excel)
  • Export EML files to HTML or MHT
  • Batch print EML files
  • Search EML files
  • Perform EML file conversion operations from the command line
  • Adjustable User Interface

EML Viewer Pro is a multi-functional email viewer. It is actually six email viewers in one. In addition to EML files, you also use EML Viewer Pro to manage Outlook .PST files, .OST files, .MSG files, Winmail.dat files and MHT or MHTML files.  Microsoft Outlook is not required for EML Viewer Pro to open Outlook .pst or .msg files.

EML Viewer Pro is designed to save you time. The most important functions are quickly accessible through the main toolbar.

EML Viewer Pro toolbar
EML Viewer Pro Toolbar

Toolbar accessible functions include:

  • Reply to Email
  • Reply All to Email
  • Forward Email and attachments
  • Search email messages
  • Print email messages
  • Quick Append Email to a PDF file

As of version 4.6 of EML Viewer Pro, some additional functions have been moved to the main tool bar for your convenience.

Email export function are shown in the EmlViewer Pro toolbar.
Email Export functions on the EML Viewer Pro tool bar

Export EML to PDF

EML Viewer Pro is a great tool for export EML files to PDF format. Using the Export functionality on the toolbar, you can easily exported your selected email messages to PDF and other formats.

Select the emails to convert in the mail list, choose the desired Export Profile (such as PDF – attachments embedded which will convert your selected email to PDF format), then click the Export button (green down arrow). EML Viewer Pro will go to work exporting your email messages.

EML Viewer Pro lets you perform four specific EML to PDF operations:

  1. EML Files can be exported with file attachments extracted.
  2. Embed file attachments within the PDF file. This means that the file is stored within the PDF as a separate file which can later be extracted by any standards compliant PDF viewer (like Adobe Reader).
  3. You can also convert most file attachment within a .eml file into the PDF image. If an attachment is unable to be converted, it will then be embedded within the PDF file to preserve the context.
  4. Export EML files individually to an existing PDF file. This means you can individually export email messages as you discover them, to a single PDF file.

Download a free trial of EML Viewer Pro and use it for 15 full days, with no obligation.

If you need a capable EML viewer without all of the features of EML Viewer Pro, click here to learn about the Lite version, called EML Viewer Lite.