Try This Free Email Viewer for .MSG and .EML Files

How do you open a .msg or .eml email file without installing software? Try the free online email viewer by Encryptomatic LLC.  It is simple and easy to use.  Just upload an email file and it will be disiplayed in your web browser.

Screen image of the Encryptomatic free online .msg and .eml email file viewer.
Online .msg/.eml file viewer.
Free Online Email Viewer

To upload an email click “Browse,” and select your file, then click “View” to see the message.

If your .eml or .msg file has documents attachments, you will be able to click a link and download the files to your hard drive.

This free online viewer has been reliably operated for four years, it has been trusted by hundreds of thousands of people to render important email content. No emails are saved. We respect your privacy, and the content is destroyed after the session ends.

While the Free Online .msg eml viewer is perfect for people who have a few emails to view, what if you have thousands of emails or want to convert them in bulk to PDF and other formats?

For advanced email management, try MailDex by Encryptomatic LLC. With MailDex, you can search, convert your emails to PDF and many other formats.

Try This Free Online .EML and .MSG File Viewer

If you need to view a couple of email messages but don’t want to install any software to do so, then try this free online .eml file viewer. MessageViewer Online will let you view .eml, .msg and even winmail.dat files, online, for free. Just upload your .eml file, and in a moment you will have access to the fully formatted email message and file attachments.

Online .eml, winmail.dat, and .msg file viewer
Free Online .EML or .MSG File Viewer built this free online viewer to showcase the capabilities of it’s Windows email viewing products, and it’s MVCOM component for software developers. MVCOM is the same component that powers Encryptomatic LLC’s desktop email viewers, and is used in Pst Viewer Pro, a fully capable desktop viewer for .msg, .eml, .pst and .mht files with advanced export features (including email to pdf export).

Using the MessageViewer Online email file viewer is simple. Click the Browse button to select your file, then click “View” and the message is displayed on the screen. Your email file attachments can be downloaded directly from the web page displaying your message. Your privacy is respected, and all uploaded files are deleted from the service daily. No information from the email message is collected or retained.

Try MessageViewer Online today!