How can I open a .eml file?

Software screen image.

Are you wondering how to open .eml files?   .Eml files are self-contained email message files that were generated by Microsoft Outlook Express, Lotus Notes or Thunderbird email clients. The format of a .eml file is technically defined in the specifications RFC-822 and RFC-2822.

.EML files can be examined using a text editor, although many parts of the message are encoded and will not be visible. Binary file attachments, for example, are rendered as text strings. The only way to view the entire email message in its original formatting is to view it in an email client, or in a specialized .eml file viewing application.


Windows software for opening .eml files.
Windows .eml file viewer

If you would rather not install a full email client on your computer just for occasional .eml file viewing, or if you have thousands of .eml files and you don’t want to open them individually, a better way may be to install a .eml file viewer that lets you search, print and convert .eml files to different formats.   Encryptomatic LLC is a software developer of professional EML Viewer software for Windows.

Encryptomatic offers two main viewing products, Pst Viewer Lite and Pst Viewer Pro. Both will open .EML files, Outlook .PST, .MSG and Winmail.dat files.

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