How to Convert Outlook .Pst to .Eml Email Files

Screen image of eml file viewer.

Converting E-Mail in Outlook .Pst files to .Eml files

Outlook .pst files are e-mail database files written in Microsoft’s propriatary format. One .pst file can contain many e-mails. .Eml files are individual e-mails formatted in an open specification (RFC-822). Because .eml files are an open format, they are ideal for e-mail archiving and long term storage.

Converting Outlook .pst to .eml can be accomplished with our EmlViewer Pro software.

EmlViewer Pro can read multiple e-mail formats, including .eml, .pst, .ost, and .msg.  It also include the capability to convert e-mail in many different ways. Today we will show step-by-step how to convert from an Outlook .pst to .eml files. We invite you to download a free trial of EmlViewer Pro and follow along.

Image shows main screen of EmlViewer Pro software with export to "eml" selected and email in the list.
EmlViewer Pro software screenshot.

When EmlViewer Pro (also known as PstViewer Pro software) loads, first select the .pst file containing the e-mail messages that you want to convert to .eml. Use the explorer navigation to locate the .pst file. You can expand the .pst file and see it’s folder structure.  To export all e-mail in the .pst file, select the the top folder.  You can also choose to select a specific folder and then export the email it contains to .eml format (or any of the other supported formats).

Screen shot of EmlViewer Pro's navigation; choose the .pst file you want to convert into .eml e-mails.
Select the .pst file with the e-mail you want to convert to .eml

When a .pst file is selected, the messages will be read into a list. Click on the list and type “Control-A” to select all of the e-mails in the list.

Next, from the Export Tab, choose “EML” as the desired conversion format.

Screen image showing how to choose "Eml" as the email conversion format.
Select “EML” as the email export format.

EmlViewer Pro will now begin exporting the e-mail messages you selected in your .pst file into .eml files. The resulting .eml files will be saved to a Windows folder that you specify.

This process works on individual selected e-mail messages, or you can select hundreds or even thousands of files.

If you have any questions about converting email from .pst to .eml format, please post them in the comments below, or contact us through the chat service on this website.

How to Convert EML Emails to GIF Files

EML files are a type of format that email clients, such as Microsoft Live Mail and Outlook Express, uses to save individual email messages. The file extension itself is a standard known as RFC-822.

Many different pieces of information, including e-mail messages, file attachments, internet header information, html formatting and more can be stored within this specific file type. Usually, EML files are opened individually. Click on an .eml file and it will likely open in your default email client. However, if you want to be able to manage and search a quantity of .eml files, then you should take a look an email viewer like EML Viewer Pro.
EML Viewer Pro is a fully capable e-mail reader that allows you to take complete control over your Microsoft Outlook EML files. It also opens Outlook PST, OST and MSG files. You don’t even need to have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer to work with any of these types of files.

With EML Viewer Pro you can export an Outlook EML file into a variety of different formats, including the popular GIF image file format. Exporting from the EML to GIF file format allows you to take a file that was previously only usable with a handful of specific programs and store it as a static image that you can be opened on virtually any computer or device.

Step 1
Use the “Mail List” portion of the EML Viewer Pro program window to view the Microsoft Outlook EML file that you want to convert. Highlight the folder on your hard drive where the file is stored using the “Explorer Tree” and click on the file in the “Mail List” one time. Verify that you are viewing the correct message using the bottom portion of the “Mail List.” You can use this section to see the date, time, sender and body of the file in question.
Selecting eml files from the mail list
EML Viewer Mail List. Select the EML files to convert to GIF

Step 2

Click once on the file format drop down menu at the top of the EML Viewer Pro program window. Each option in this drop down menu represents one of the many file formats that you can use to convert files. Scroll through the list until you find the entry for the GIF file format. Click the listing for “GIF” one time. Selecting this option tells EML Viewer Pro that you want to convert files to this particular format.
Step 3
Check the box in the “Mail List” to the left of the EML file you want to convert. Click the yellow icon in the EML Viewer Pro toolbar labeled “Export” to continue the process.
Images shows the location of the Export Button in EML Viewer Pro
Click the Export Button to Start

Step 4

Click one time on the name of the folder where you want to save your converted file in the window on screen. To save your converted file to an external hard drive or flash drive, click the “Computer” option and select the icon for the appropriate drive.


Step 5
Click “OK.” EML Viewer Pro will take the specified Outlook EML file and convert it into the GIF file format. You can immediately open the GIF file in any program capable of working with image files, like Microsoft’s own MS Paint.

That’s it! Follow these instructions to convert EML files to JPG, PDF, CSV or any of the several other useful formats that EML Viewer Pro supports.

EML Viewer Free Trial Download

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