Convert .Pst to .Eml

Screen image of eml file viewer.

Converting E-Mail in Outlook .Pst files to .Eml files

Outlook .pst files are e-mail database files written in Microsoft’s propriatary format. One .pst file can contain many e-mails. .Eml files are individual e-mails formatted in an open specification (RFC-822). Because .eml files are an open format, they are ideal for e-mail archiving and long term storage.

Converting Outlook .pst to .eml can be accomplished with our EmlViewer Pro software.

EmlViewer Pro can read multiple e-mail formats, including .eml, .pst, .ost, and .msg.  It also include the capability to convert e-mail in many different ways. Today we will show step-by-step how to convert from an Outlook .pst to .eml files. We invite you to download a free trial of EmlViewer Pro and follow along.

Image shows main screen of EmlViewer Pro software with export to "eml" selected and email in the list.
EmlViewer Pro software screenshot.

When EmlViewer Pro (also known as PstViewer Pro software) loads, first select the .pst file containing the e-mail messages that you want to convert to .eml. Use the explorer navigation to locate the .pst file. You can expand the .pst file and see it’s folder structure.  To export all e-mail in the .pst file, select the the top folder.  You can also choose to select a specific folder and then export the email it contains to .eml format (or any of the other supported formats).

Screen shot of EmlViewer Pro's navigation; choose the .pst file you want to convert into .eml e-mails.
Select the .pst file with the e-mail you want to convert to .eml

When a .pst file is selected, the messages will be read into a list. Click on the list and type “Control-A” to select all of the e-mails in the list.

Next, from the Export Tab, choose “EML” as the desired conversion format.

Screen image showing how to choose "Eml" as the email conversion format.
Select “EML” as the email export format.

EmlViewer Pro will now begin exporting the e-mail messages you selected in your .pst file into .eml files. The resulting .eml files will be saved to a Windows folder that you specify.

This process works on individual selected e-mail messages, or you can select hundreds or even thousands of files.

If you have any questions about converting email from .pst to .eml format, please post them in the comments below, or contact us through the chat service on this website.

Converting EML Emails to ODT or DOCX Format

Screen image of docx/odt email export profiles.

For some time, EML Viewer Pro users have been asking us to add the ability to bulk convert .eml files into editable documents that they can use in MS Word or an open source editor such as Libre Office.  With the release of EML Viewer Pro 5, we’re glad to finally tell you that we have added this ability to your software.

EML Viewer Pro can now bulk export .eml or .msg email files directly to .ODT or .DOCX format.  The process for doing this as simple as selecting the “Export to ODT” or DOCX profile from the list on the main toolbar.   For the benefit of readers who have not tried EML Viewer Pro yet, we’ll walk you through the process in this article.

Convert .EML Files to .ODT or .DOCX Documents With EML Viewer Pro

The first step of course is to have Eml Viewer Pro (also known as PstViewer Pro) installed on your Windows computer.  You can download it from here. A free trial will last a full 15 days.

When EML Viewer Pro starts, use the folder navigation on the left side of your computer to locate a directory with .eml or .msg files.  The messages will be read into EML Viewer Pro’s mail list.

Image shows emails displayed in EML Viewer Pro mail list.
Emails displayed in mail list

Select the email messages that you want to export to .odt/.docx format.  You can select them individually, or type Ctrl-A to select all of the messages in the list.  Note that we do not limit the number or emails you can convert at one time. Generally, we encourage you to work in batch of 10,000 emails or less, but larger numbers are also supported.

After your .msg or .eml files are selected, choose either the “Export to ODT” or “Export to DOCX” export profile from the dropdown list on the main toolbar.

Select the email export profile from the drop down list.

Now click the “Start” button to begin the export operation (the start button is the green arrow pointing to yellow paper on the left side of the drop down list).  You may be asked to select a folder the DOCX or ODT files will be placed.

Images shows the Browse for Folder, and selectable folders.
Select a folder for the odt/docx files

And that’s all there is to it!  The short video below recaps the process of converting .eml or .msg into .odt using Eml Viewer Pro  EML Viewer Pro is $69.99 for a single license.
Download a free 15 day trial and try it yourself!

Update: EmlViewer Pro 8 will soon include the ability to combine multiple .eml email files into a single .DOCx file for editing. Contact our support team to learn more.