How to Find Email File Attachments in .eml Emails?

envelope and paper clip illustrating email file attachments.

A great new feature in Eml Viewer Pro software (also known as PstViewer Pro) is its ability to analyze thousands of emails and extract specific types of files.

Not only can EmlViewer Pro extract all file attachments to a Windows folder, it can extract specific types of email file attachments.

For example, if you have a folder with 10,000 .eml files, and you need to find all of the Excel spreadsheets that attached to some of of those emails, EmlViewer Pro can save you a lot of time.

You will find this capability on EmlViewer Pro’s “Export” tab, by choosing the “Only Attachments” profile.

Choose the editor for the “Only Attachments” export profile, and from the “Attachment File Types” list, select the type of files you want EmlViewer Pro to find.

You can choose All files, pictures, movies, MS Office files, other email files, PDF’s, spreadsheets, documents and presentation files.

This capability saves you lots of time over manual searching, allowing you to quickly gather a prospective list of files that may be of interest.

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Converting Outlook email from .msg to .eml files

Screen shot of msg-to-eml conversion software.

EML Viewer Pro is a  versatile Windows software app. You can use it to manage, search and view emails that are formatted in a variety of common formats, including .eml, .msg, .mht, .pst and .ost files.

One of the nice features of EML Viewer Pro is its ability to convert and export email messages from one format to another.  With version 4.7, you can now export email message content to .eml format. .EML files are formatted according to the RFC-822 spec. As an open format, it is supported by most email clients, including Windows Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.  Because it is an open, non-proprietary format it may be desirable to convert emails into .eml files for archiving purposes.

Here’s how to convert Outlook .msg files into .eml files using EML Viewer Pro.

First, open EML Viewer Pro, and find the folder containing your Outlook .msg files.   Click on the folder, and EML Viewer Pro will read in the msg files and display them in the main list.  Select any listed email message to view it in the reading pane. Double click on an email to open it in full screen view.

Select the emails you want to convert into .eml files.  To select a message, you click on it.  To select multiple messages, hold down the control key, and click on the messages you want.  To choose all of the emails in the list, type Control-A on your Windows keywboard.  Messages that are selected are shown in the list with a blue highlight.

Picture of EML Viewer Pro main menu with msg files selected.
Eml Viewer Pro main screen. Selected email messages are highlighted blue.

When you have selected the emails, you can export them in a single batch operation.  Choose “Export to EML” profile from the toolbar drop down list.

Picture shows how to select the "Export to EML" export profile in EML Viewer PRo
Choose the “Export to EML” profile

To begin the conversion process, click the Export button (the icon with the yellow paper and the green arrow).  EML Viewer Pro will go to work exporting your .msg files to .eml files.

Export process progress bar
Exporting msg files to eml

There is no limit to the number of messages you can export (note: if you are using EML Viewer Pro in trial mode, the limit is 50 emails per export operation. This is removed after the software is purchased).

If you need an flexible tool to help manage your email content, try EML Viewer Pro. It’s several tools in one: view, search, and export.  You can download a free trial and learn more about EML Viewer Pro from the product website.