EML Viewer Lite – A simple tool for opening .eml, .msg and .pst email files

Screen shot showing location of MailDex 'create project' button.

EML Viewer Lite is a fully capable email viewer offered at an affordable price. It’s a great multi-email format tool for open email content stored as .eml, .msg and even .pst files.

To use EML Viewer Lite (which is also marketed as Pst Viewer Lite), just locate the folder containing your email files using the folder structure navigation on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the folder, and EML Viewer Lite goes to work listing all of your messages.


EML Viewer Lite email viewer
EML Viewer Lite main menu

You can browse individual emails from the list.  Double click on an email to open it in a full window view.

The toolbar provides quick access to EML Viewer Lite’s most useful features, including Reply, Reply All, Forward email, search, and print.


Reply/Forward to .eml files with EmlViewer Lite.
EmlViewer Lite toolbar includes reply/forward ability.

The Reply and Forward functions work with Microsoft Windows’ default email client, so its not necessary to enter any email account informatio into EML Viewer Lite.

EML Viewer Lite can search all of your .eml files based on many specific criteria.  For example you can search emails that fall within a date range. Search by sender address, or find a text string within the email files.


EML Viewer search screen. Search .eml files.
Search .eml files

Individual EML files can be saved to different formats. To do this, select the message you want to save.  Next go to Mail > Save Message As  and select the target format.


Convert .eml file to different formats
Save .eml files as pdf, other formats

How is EML Viewer Lite different from EML Viewer Pro?

All of the core functions are present, including EML to PDF conversion, search, reply, forward, reply all, print and more.

The major difference is in the quantity of emails. EML Viewer Lite can export eml files individually, while EML Viewer Pro can bulk export .eml files by the thousands.

If bulk conversion of .eml files is not your core need, then you will find EML Viewer Lite to be a very capable viewer able to provide quick access to your .eml, .msg and .pst email files.

Click here to download a free trial of EML Viewer Lite.

How to Open EML and MSG Email Files with EML Viewer Pro

illustration of a flying email, in a hand drawn minimalistic style.

EML Viewer Pro (also known as Pst Viewer Pro) is an email viewing tool that lets you investigate MSG, and EML email files without needing an email client. MSG and EML files hold all the info about an email like who sent it, the subject, the message, and any attachments. It’s a handy tool that provides quick access to emails. Here’s how to use EML Viewer Pro to open MSG and EML files.

First off, download the free trial EML Viewer Pro and install it. Then, open it up and click on “Open” at the top left corner. This will show a file explorer window that lets you find the MSG or EML file(s) you want to open. Click “Open” once you’ve found the file. You can also select an entire folder containing thousands of EML or MSG email files, and EML Viewer Pro will read them all into the software.

Once you loaded your EML and MSG emails, they will appear in a mail list. You’ll be able to see the date they were sent, sender, recipient subject and whether there are file attachments. The main window is split into parts, with the top one showing the email header info and the bottom one showing the message body.

This is the main screen of EML Viewer Pro. Choose a folder containing EML or MSG email files, and they will be organized into a mail list. A preview of the selected email will appera on the lower right hand side.  Free 15 day trial of Eml Viewer Pro is available.
EML Viewer Pro is now known as Pst Viewer Pro.

You can go through the email message by scrolling or using the navigation buttons in the top right corner. To see any attachments, just hit the “Attachments” tab below.

If you’re looking for specific words or phrases in an email, you can use EML Viewer Pro’s email search feature. Just click on the “Search” button in the top right corner and enter what you want to find.

EML Viewer Pro is a great tool for checking out MSG and EML files. It’s super easy to use, and it’s perfect for anyone who works with email messages all the time. Download the free 15 day trial today!