Customizing the Layout of EmlViewer Pro U.I.

Some people prefer the email viewing pane on the bottom, and some prefer to have it on the right hand side. Thankfully, EmlViewer Pro email file viewer (also known now as PstViewer Pro) can accommodate either preference.

Although the default setting is “pane on bottom”, changing it to the right hand side is trivially simple. First, start your EmlViewer Pro software and go to the “Viewing” tab.

Next, find the “Rotate Layout” button, and click on it.

The result is that your email viewing pane is now on the right side of EmlViewer Pro.

Email Viewing Pane on Bottom

There are other settings for changing the look and feel of EmlViewer Pro on the “View” tab. We invite you to play with them and see all of the other layout possibilities.

If you need any assistance, contact our support team for help!